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3 Common mistakes when writing for your website.

3 Common mistakes when writing for your website.

Website content can increase leads and conversion rates, but it can also put off people and get them to click off your website and here’s what I’ve observed. 

It allows businesses to
showcase their expertise and provide valuable information to their ideal customers.
Yet, many businesses struggle to create consistent, engaging, and optimized content to catch
their audience’s attention.
We will cover below the three most common blog writing mistakes and how you can get your
blog done right.
Mistake 1: You lack knowledge about effective blog writing
There’s a lot of strategy in writing excellent blog content. So it can be challenging if you don’t
have an in-house expert to do it for you.
Some of the typical writing mistakes we see include:
● A non-catchy headline
● Lack of structure/ineffective formatting
● Spelling mistakes
● Non-engaging text
● Lack of valuable information
Mistake 2: You don’t speak to your audience
When businesses fail with blog writing, it can also be the lack of ability to address the content to
their customers’ needs. This can include:
● Not listening to their audience’s needs and feedback
● Content that lacks information (leaving readers with more questions than when they
● Not solving their problems (in a easy-to-digest way)
Mistake 3: You don’t have a consistent posting schedule
If you want to rank in the search engines and be seen as a thought leader in your field, it’s
paramount you have a frequent and consistent posting schedule.
If you’re not committed to providing your audience with the information they crave, they may not
take you seriously and choose a competitor the next time they search for something.
Consider saving time and headaches by outsourcing blog writing to a professional
Marketing and people are ever-changing. And we understand businesses would much rather
spend their precious time working ON their business than IN it.
If you’re looking for quick, affordable, and ready-to-publish blog writing services, you can call our
office on 02 6100 8150 or request a callback here.
We’d love to discuss your blog needs and see how we can help!


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