Organisations will require a letter of introduction or offer.

It simply provides an outline of who you are and your offer.

The below is a sample letter of offer that you may want to use in your business.

Please have a read and feel free to copy and adjust to your needs.


ACT Plumbing was first established in 1980.  

We have 30 years of plumbing experience, a family-owned and operated company and a preferred supplier to many Government Departments.

ACT Plumbing recognises your requirements and standing of excellence in the industry. As a result, we understand that you are searching for an experienced operator that can provide you with excellent service and value.

ACT Plumbing prides itself on delivering industry best practices and being an industry leader in the ACT, and we are seeking to quote for your maintenance needs.

ACT Plumbing is proven, confident and best placed in the industry to deliver your requirements, providing the best value for money.

Since 2001, ACT Plumbing has been successfully servicing and maintaining the requirements for other Government entities such as;

  • XYZ
  • XYZ
  • XYZ
  • XYZ
  • XYZ

We were honoured to be awarded the 2020 Preferred Service Provider Award by the X Department. 

It would be a privilege and mark of distinction to support your needs.

Unlike other national competitors, ACT Plumbing understands the unique nature of the Government and comprehend the needs of the ACT Market.

We endeavour to constantly develop our knowledge and expertise throughout our business and operations, to maximise our quality of service and efficiency for our clientele.

ACT Plumbing & Gas and its strategic network of subcontractors are placed throughout ACT and NSW and growing to over 20 people.

Our service delivery approach is based on the following fundamental principles:

1. Open and transparent communication;

2. Quality and value for money;

3. Integrity, honesty and ethical behaviour;

4. Experience and expertise;

5. Efficiency and reliability; and

6. Socially and environmentally responsible.


Our objective is to become ACT’s most prestigious plumbing company, founded upon our integrity, professionalism, and quality service principles. 

We have implemented a continuous improvement framework to aid our growth and development and encourage and champion young people’s development through mentoring, apprenticeships, and work experience. 

We aspire to create and maintain a healthy work environment and foster personal and professional growth by attracting, training and retaining first-class technicians and administrative staff.

We confirm that ACT Plumbing will offer you the below services;

  1. XYZ for $
  2. XYZ for $
  3. XYZ for $

ACT Plumbing utilises industry best practices and is at the forefront of providing an unrivalled level of service, reaction time, quality, professionalism and value for money and welcome an opportunity to work with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office anytime.


XYZ Company

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