About Danrae Group.

Trusted By The Best Brands In The World.

We are an award winning waterproof company and this page will outline more information about our team, culture, experience and more.

About The Founders
Ron & Lillian Caruana.

Ron is a highly respected pioneer of the waterproofing Industry and established the organisation in 1996.

The company name combines the two names of his children Daniel and Renee, hence the name Danree.

About The Danrae Divisions.

Four Key Areas.

Advisory Services

We can assist with coaching on matters such as design, legislation, compliance etc.

Diagnostic Services

We can assist with why leaks occur and provide you with a list of recommendations.

Remediation Services

We can stop leaks, transform roofs, balconies and so much more.

Preventative Services

We can schedule a regular inspections and provide advice to minimise future defects.

About Danrae's Culture.

Danrae Group is a world-class best practice organisation.

Danrae Group is a family-owned and operated organisation that has fully implemented Toyota's Production System or Lean Thinking. Every staff member from the top down is obsessed with quality in everything they do, prompt customer delivery and a relentless pursuit of continuous improvement. The CEO and Executive team are all united in the quest to have the best culture that ultimately creates the best customer value and experience. The culture of the Danrae Group is one of empowerment, commitment, team unity and family, which is why Danrae has a world-class business that is a stand-out in best practice manufacturing.

About Our Sector Experience.

In the last 20 years, we have supported many sectors and we’d love to chat with you.. 


Best Website Company





Car Dealerships


Strata / Residential


About Our Experience.

Danrae Group has over 500 clients and it’s impossible to showcase all client logos. 

Please find a small selection of that indicates our level of experience.

About Danrae's Quality.

The Danrae Quality standard far exceeds being ISO accredited.

The culture and ethos of the organisation enable Danrae to offer a lifetime guarantee on all roof repairs. Danrae knows that Government, Retailers, Hospitals, Schools, Shopping Centres, Hotels and others all expect a long-lasting quality repair. They seek value and timely delivery with minimal impact on staff, residents, customers and others.

When requested to repair thousands of square metres of space, such as the below, you need to know your end to end processes and understand how to start and finish with a minimal amount of effort, time and cost to the customer. Our Executives, Foremen and ground crew are consistently striving for better practice in repair delivery.

About Danrae's OH&S & People Program

Danrae has an Impeccable
Work Health & Safety Record.

Danrae has taken the care of the staff to another level. Physical and mental health is taken very seriously at Danrae, and they far exceed the standard ISO OHS accreditation.

My staff feel protected, safe and valued. The Danrae culture is why we're growing and working as one.

Daniel Caruana, CEO

Danrae has taken OH&S to another level and has launched its own ‘Danrae Way People Program’.

Every staff member is offered;

  • Professional Development Coaching
  • Personal Coaching
  • Financial Management Coaching
  • Personal Counselling Services
  • Couples Counselling services
  • Legal Support Services
  • Personal Fitness Training Services
  • Gym membership

About The
Danrae Way.

When you engage the services of Danrae Group, you will notice the efficiency, productivity, quality and proactiveness of each of our teams, and we want to stand out and be accountable for our actions.

We take the ‘Danrae Way’ very seriously; it’s not a statement but a way of life. Every staff member and supplier representing us must adhere to our ethos of Intentionally try to manufacture ‘Customer Satisfaction.

The Danrae ‘staff uniform’ represents on-time completion and intent to meet your expectations, gain a positive review, and be confident to introduce any new client to you.

We assure you that waste has no place in our business and that every Process in our company has been mapped, timed and meticulously designed to support timely completion and quality.

The Danrae Way put simply, does not have any tolerance for rework, duplication, double handling, absenteeism, poor quality, and waste. The customer expectation must be met each and every time.

What Clients Say About Danrae?

About The Danrae Lifetime Guarantee.

Whether you have 27,000 sq metres like IKEA or 200 sq Metres, we guarantee our work for life.

Have Danrae repair and maintain your roof, and; we will guarantee our repairs for life.

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Why We Waterproof Lift Pits?

A lift pit is an integral part of a structure and a key point for water ingress if you don’t have high-quality waterproofing in place. Lift pits extend below ground level and, just like a basement, they are damp and vulnerable to water seepage from the surrounding earth. Water will tend to seep in through cracks and rise until it reaches the level of the natural water table.

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How We Use Infrared Technology?

Waterproofing testing is particularly important at both the first and last stages of any waterproofing project. We use it for leak detection, to ensure we can correctly identify the source of water ingress and all issues including concrete spalling and cancer.

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Why We Play With Fire?

Torch-on is a flexible membrane containing bitumen and a variety of polymers. It contains asphalt in one of two forms: Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS), a rubber modified asphalt, or Atactic Polypropylene Plastic (APP), a plastic modified asphalt.

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They Look Great, Until They Start Leaking!

Rooftop gardens are becoming increasingly popular in strata and commercial spaces due to their environmental, aesthetic and wellbeing benefits. They require a slightly different approach to standard flat roof waterproofing, with a few key considerations.

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Understanding Scope

Strata managers often need to oversee all aspects of administration and facilities management which may mean getting to know diverse aspects of building construction and maintenance… including waterproofing.

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Plumbers Don’t Have A Licence To Waterproof?

In NSW, all waterproofers should be licenced, registered and insured. The Department of Fair Trading issues licences for contractors, supervisors and companies for one, three or five years, and a licenced waterproofer can only conduct the type of work described on their certificate.

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