Why Danrae?
Our Expertise & Project Management Capability.

This page will outline more information about our tools, techniques, project management methodology and more.

Firstly, we're experts in leak detection.

Danrae uses the latest technology to detect leaks.

We use either Electric Field Vector Mapping (EFVM) and or InfraRed Detection to determine any leaks.

Our assessor will inspect your area and provide you with a recommendations report and quote to commence repairs.

Secondly, we're experts in project management.

We align everyone and work towards a phased timeline.

Phase #1,

In this phase, we ensure that every stakeholder is engaged and communication to. Importantly, we ensure that every stakeholder approves our agreed steps and timelines. On approval, we ensure that various other dependencies are are in order such as permits, crane organised if required, products ordered, signage etc.

Phase #2,

In this phase, we ensure that commence with the preparation of the area/s. We will remove all rubbish, old equipment, used membrane and any other items that require addressing. Once the area is clean and ready to repair, our team will go ahead and make good and move towards completing the repair and ensuring that the area is 100% waterproofed.

Phase #3,

In this phase, we have our senior staff member fully assess the repair to ensure success. We will test the area, assess the quality of repairs and address any concerns or pass the repair. Once repairs have been passed, we will invite the product manufacturer to inspect the repair to support the manufactures and Danrae's guarantee of work.

Phase #4,

In this phase, we are engaged on a quarterly basis to inspect the location. We will conduct our inspection and assess any quality issues and provide you with our report. The post-completion maintenance phase is critical to preventing any future repairs and best to prevent and maintain than to disregard and then repair.

Importantly, we're experts in using all membranes.

Each of these have their strengths and weaknesses, purpose and warranty period.

Danrae uses an array of membranes and we are one of the few waterproofing companies fully accredited to use every type of membrane – including liquid, PVC, TPO, bituminous systems, peel and stick and injection products.

Membrane Type 1,

Class 3 Elastomeric Sheet PVC / Butynol / Rubber, e.g., Sarnafil, Flagon, Wolfin, Ardex WPM 750/1000

This is one of the best products on the market. It comes with many advantages, such as its uniformed thickness, compatibility with PVC fittings and downpipes, can be laid over damp substrates, and can be prefabricated. This product is highly flexible, durable, UV stable, can be applied directly to tiles, is root-resistant and easy to maintain. However, the above advantages come at a cost, as the cost to purchase can be high, and this repair technique is labour intensive.

The manufacturer’s warranty of 15-20 years and has a lifespan between 30 to 50 years.

Membrane Type 2,

Class 2 Flexible Sheet System, Torch-On Modified Bitumen, e.g., Index, WPM 185

This type of repair takes specialist skills, and you need to know how to apply this membrane. Its advantages are that it’s a guaranteed membrane thickness, we use two layers, that enable additional overlap, it has superior long-term durability, UV, stable, root-resistant and lasts. However, you need to be concerned with installing this over wet substrates; there is a risk of fire, not compatible with PVC fittings, flanges and drainage pipes, can be more costly than liquid systems, is not energy efficient, may lose UV stability and sensitive to heat and can easily be damaged in hot conditions.

The manufacturer’s warranty is 15-20 years and has a lifespan of approximately 30 years.

Membrane Type 3,

Class 3 Elastomeric Solvent-Based Polyurethanes, e.g., Sarnafil, Flagon

This is a faster application and rolls onto any clean surface; it’s flexible, fast curing, and elastomeric. It can adapt to many climates and is generally the cheapest form of sheet-based system.
However, the disadvantages are many as it can be flammable, not easy to apply, poor adhesive compatibility, difficult to clean up, unable to be used on damp substrates, not UV stable and need a topcoat, is not root resistant, has long drying time, and will need to be re-coated to maintain a longer lifespan.

The manufacturer’s warranty is 6-10 years, and the expected lifespan is between 6 – 10 years.

Membrane Type 4,

Class 2 Flexible Acrylic Liquid System, e.g., a water-based membrane

This membrane type is suited to smaller areas and is low in toxicity, is UV stable, compatible with most adhesives and generally cheaper than solvent-based membranes.

However, the disadvantages are many as it’s not suited to larger areas, very slow to cure in colder months, may need 2-3 coats, waiting time is lengthy, requires priming, can emulsify, can absorb moisture, not root resistant and may need to re-coated to maintain a longer lifespan.

The manufacturer’s warranty is 6-10 years, and the expected lifespan is between 6 – 10 years.

Membrane Type 5, Class 1 Rigid System, e.g., Epoxy, Shower Trays and Fiberglass

This system is used in certain areas and is UV stable, quick, low cost, and root resistant. However, the disadvantages are that it is only suited to larger areas and costly to customise.

The manufacturer’s warranty is 6-10 years, and the expected lifespan is between 6 – 10 years.

Danrae's Lifetime Guarantee.

Our expertise and approach to quality is why
Danrae offers a lifetime guarantee.

Danrae’s ‘Preventative Maintenance’ service is a proactive solution that avoids reactive problems. We seek to control and minimise the impact of various factors such as extreme weather, blocked outlets, poor drainage, accidental damage and even inquisitive that sometime like to pick at membranes.

This approach means that we visit each year, clear the area of any debris and perform a general membrane clean. If we see something that needs an urgent fix, we do it on the spot.

We issue a full diagnostic report to each client that includes photographs and list any issues larger repairs and quotation. 

UV light can impact the longevity of both PVC and torch on membranes and we prefer to be proactive and stay one-step ahead of any potential damage to our clients property. 

What Clients Say About Danrae?

Danrae Is An Award Winning Company & Won The Strata Community Award For Excellence.

We were delighted to receive the Strata Services Business Award, and we never lose focus on what the Strata industry expects from us.

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