Danrae Preventative Maintenance Plans

This Strata Manager knows that we're monitoring each of his buildings twice a year, and he can relax!

This page outline our preventative maintenance program and packages.

We've all heard the saying that prevention is better than cure, right?

The whole purpose of our ‘Preventative Maintenance Packages’ is to provide an affordable solution to prevent any potentially expensive repairs.

We have our team visit your location, conduct an inspection and ensure that we address any matters on the spot. Hence, we stay ahead of any nasty problems that can lead to property damage and disruption to clients, staff and residents. 

Let's be smart and stop the need for you to call us.

We can prevent the problems from happening.

What we offer.

Quarterly Online Workshops


This is perfect for those that would like to manage their own preventative maintenance program online and up-skill each quarter.

  • Every Quarter
  • 2 hours online
  • Different topics
  • Ask questions
  • Share knowledge
  • Learn new skills
  • Apply new skills
  • Clients can call us anytime for support
  • You don't have to be a Danrae client to attend our online workshop
Call 1800 326 723

Half Yearly Inspection

Per Visit

A half-yearly inspection is perfect for those higher-risk buildings that are deemed mission-critical and cannot afford any downtime or interruption and or older in age.

Clients tend to be Hospitals, Government and Corporate Offices, Shopping Centres, Car Dealerships etc.

  • 1 visit every 6 months
  • Membrane Inspection
  • Cleaning of membrane
  • Any rubbish cleared
  • Debris removed
  • Leaves cleared
  • Progress report written
  • Urgent repairs are quoted and attended to immediately or booked in
Call 1800 326 723

One Annual Inspection

Per Visit

A yearly inspection is perfect for those smaller newer buildings that are deemed less risky and not mission-critical and can afford some downtime and potential interruption.

Clients tend to be Residential Apartment Complexes and many Government and Corporate entities.

  • 1 visit every 12 Months
  • Membrane Inspection
  • Cleaning of membrane
  • Any rubbish cleared
  • Debris removed
  • Leaves cleared
  • Progress report written
  • Urgent repairs are quoted and attended to immediately or booked in
Call 1800 326 723

Think about these scenarios.

These scenarios were live examples and could of been avoided if the client had a maintenance plan with Danrae.

Please note we will not be sharing any client details and the photos below are used to illustrate the sector example.

Scenario - Hospital.

A Water Leak Closed Down The Scanning Unit.

The location was down for two days, patient scanning was put on hold, and the equipment was protected to prevent damage.
Think about the impact on staff and patient satisfaction.

Scenario - Apartment Complex.

A Water Leak Created Resulted In Thousands Of Dollars To A Penthouse.

After many patch jobs and trying to repair on the cheap, the top penthouse started to seep water through the ceiling, resulting in over $300,000 worth of damage.
Think about the reputation of the Strata Company and the cost to the owners.

Scenario - Underground Carpark and Basements.

Water Leaks Creating Concrete Cancer & Damaging The Strength Of Foundations.

Years of neglectful water pooling caused concrete cancer throughout the car park levels, and cheap patch jobs were only accelerating the pace of deterioration, resulting in thousands of dollars of repair and closure for a week.
Think about the lost revenue for the week and the dissatisfaction of the client.

It Makes Sense Doesn't It.

We Get Car Insurance, Don't We?

Contact our team to discuss tailoring a program for you.

The ‘Preventative Maintenance service is a proactive solution that avoids reactive problems, embarrassment, disruption and costly repairs.

This service minimises the impact of various factors such as extreme weather, blocked outlets, poor drainage, accidental damage and even inquisitive birds that like to pick at roof membranes.

Furthermore, the Danrae half-yearly and annual servicing protects the manufacturer’s warranty.

We are happy to tailor a plan for you and request you contact our office to discuss your needs. 

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