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Danrae has delivered over 1,500 different projects and has over 500 commercial clients, and the below provides insight into our skills and experience.

Message From The Danrae CEO, Daniel Caruana.

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Welcome To Danrae TV.

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Redlands School Transformation

Check out how we completely waterproofed Redlands School. By the way, the School Principal gave our team an ‘A+’ for this project.

Westmead Hospital Plant Room Transformation

Oh boy, check out the before and after photos of this old and tired plant room. It’s incredible what we can do with a little TLC. 

Leaking Balcony At Rushcutters Bay

We don’t want to brag, but you have to check out what we did to this balcony. Yes, the red liquid all washes off, don’t worry.

Concrete Spalling At This Garage Basement

Every wondered what concrete spalling is? Check out the video, and you’ll see what we mean. It’s fascinating what water can do.

Planter Box Repair North West Arm Road, Gymea

Planter boxes on roofs are a great idea, and we get it; you want to make a difference to the environment. Just waterproof the area before, please!

Waterproofing works at Camden Hospital.

Best we keep the patients dry, hey! Check out our rooftop transformation, and you’ll be amazed at the before and after position.

Darling Point Roof Transformation

See what’s involved in repairing a rooftop. We start with removing the weeds, leafs, pebbles, membrane and probably best you watch this video.

The Lift Now Works At The Blacktown Complex

You wouldn’t have thought that lifts could leak, but they do. Oh, and when they do, they get smelly, mould starts to grow, and they stop working!

An honour To Be On Kochie's Business Builders

Now, we nearly lost our CEO to the TV series ‘Home and Away’ as the TV producer was so impressed with our CEO’s acting.

Rooftop Transformation at Centennial Park

We love an incredible transformation, and this video shows you the original state of the nation to the lovely and super clean and waterproof rooftop.

Shocking To See So Much Mould Growing

Yep, leaks. On inspection, we were shocked to see how much mould was on the ceiling and you can imagine what it’s doing people’s quality of life!

Beachside Mansion Gets The Danrae Touch

In all honesty, we were asked to waterproof this client’s roof, so we guaranteed them water views of the beach, not through their ceiling!

We're Honoured To Be Trusted By Many Professional Property Management Companies and Industry Experts.

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Our Blogs & Interesting Articles

Why We Waterproof Lift Pits?

A lift pit is an integral part of a structure and a key point for water ingress if you don’t have high-quality waterproofing in place. Lift pits extend below ground level and, just like a basement, they are damp and vulnerable to water seepage from the surrounding earth. Water will tend to seep in through cracks and rise until it reaches the level of the natural water table.

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How We Use Infrared Technology?

Waterproofing testing is particularly important at both the first and last stages of any waterproofing project. We use it for leak detection, to ensure we can correctly identify the source of water ingress and all issues including concrete spalling and cancer.

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Why We Play With Fire?

Torch-on is a flexible membrane containing bitumen and a variety of polymers. It contains asphalt in one of two forms: Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS), a rubber modified asphalt, or Atactic Polypropylene Plastic (APP), a plastic modified asphalt.

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They Look Great, Until They Start Leaking!

Rooftop gardens are becoming increasingly popular in strata and commercial spaces due to their environmental, aesthetic and wellbeing benefits. They require a slightly different approach to standard flat roof waterproofing, with a few key considerations.

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Understanding Scope

Strata managers often need to oversee all aspects of administration and facilities management which may mean getting to know diverse aspects of building construction and maintenance… including waterproofing.

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Plumbers Don’t Have A Licence To Waterproof?

In NSW, all waterproofers should be licenced, registered and insured. The Department of Fair Trading issues licences for contractors, supervisors and companies for one, three or five years, and a licenced waterproofer can only conduct the type of work described on their certificate.

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