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DISC Profiling

Leaders must tailor their communication style to suit the mindset of their team.

When coaching our clients, we teach the importance of culture, mindset and DISC profiling to make a big difference to the team dynamics.

DISC is an excellent tool, and it will provide you with insight into the mindset of your team and should be understood by all leaders. 

Briefly, DISC represents 4 Personality Types;

1. Dominants are usually assertive, daring, risk-takers, and go-getters. They like control and value fast-paced decision making and want to get things done asap.

2. Influencers are usually fun, happy and like being famous. They love interacting with multiple people, love the office gossip, don’t value detail, and maybe difficult to get on board unless you sell the benefit to them. 

3. Steady are usually people tend to be quietly spoken and loyal. They want stability and avoid any decision making or confrontation. These people dislike change, but you wouldn’t know it.

4. Consciousness are usually people who love to work within a structured environment and may seek more facts before accepting change. They dislike mistakes and usually go about their business without too much fuss.  

Every business owner should have their staff take a quick survey and start using that information to increase communication and team unity.

Business growth comes with change, and essentially, change management is about managing people’s expectations and emotions through any period of uncertainty. 

Some people love change, and others hate it.

Google more information on DISC or reach out, and we can help you with personality profiling your staff. 

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