Four key benefits of waterproofing project management.

Quality is central to waterproofing, but it’s just one part of an efficient and cost-effective waterproofing project.

Danrae Group has decades of experience in waterproofing, and we know that details matter. A successful waterproofing project takes comprehensive planning and delivery to ensure you get the result you need to protect your property, minimise tenant disruption and avoid unnecessary project delays.

We see four key benefits in providing end-to-end management of your strata, civil, commercial and government waterproofing projects.

Benefit # 1

Streamlined Waterproofing Solutions

With broad capability spanning leak detection, solution design, remediation, waterproofing and preventative maintenance, Danrae Group can oversee every stage of your waterproofing project, from advice on waterproofing membranes to post-project recommendations.

We save you time – and avoid conflicting schedules – by removing the need to hire, schedule and communicate with multiple contractors.

We stay on top of every stage of your waterproofing project throughout the duration, and with a single point of contact, you visit informed of progress, project deadlines and any issues as soon as they arise.

Benefit # 2

Detail-Orientated Project Delivery

Any waterproofing problem is likely already affecting several tenants, from the minor leak to central concrete spalling. As part of our complete project management, we handle all stakeholder communication, including tenant notices and updates.

We also oversee every detail to ensure we complete your waterproofing project to scope and the deadline. We organise everything from crane hire to council permits and street closures for significant material lifting. We’ve even hired abseilers to carry out our concrete cancer repairs on building facades.

We clean and prepare the site by removing debris, and we decommission and recommission air conditioners and other machinery as needed for access.

Before starting the job, we also prepare all safe work practices and provide site safety inductions for your property manager or strata representative. On completion, we offer a complete cleanup, triple test the quality, and handover with detailed project reporting.

Benefit # 3

Comprehensive Waterproofing and Remediation

Danrae Group has a distinct advantage over other waterproofing companies.

Our waterproofing experts are fully qualified and certified to work with every membrane-type – including liquid, PVC, TPO, peel and stick, and torch-applied products – we also have carpenters, builders, tilers, electricians, plumbers and other tradespeople at hand.

We’re equipped to look after all electrical and remedial building work, and we dismantle and rebuild decks, rails and other rooftops, basement or balcony features.

The final stage of our project management involves a client walkthrough. We check for minor defects and hand over all operational manuals, warranties and certificates. We then finalise any minor defects and present an optional preventative maintenance plan.

Benefit # 4

Guaranteed Workmanship

At Danrae Group, we know that end-to-end waterproofing project management is the most efficient way to deliver a permanent and quality waterproofing solution.

Our expert waterproofers utilise cutting-edge technology, quality brands and robust processes.

We’re so confident in our capability; we’re also one of the few in the industry to provide a full waterproofing guarantee in addition to the standard material warranties.

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