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Facebook Copy - You’re about to read what turns people off your content!

People aren’t reading your content because you’re turning them off. When your Facebook copy is poorly written, people are going to keep scrolling.

Understanding what turns people off your Facebook copy will help you know how to create content that people are actually going to read and prevent you from making mistakes.

So, what turns people off from Facebook copy?

People get turned off by long posts.

No one is scrolling Facebook to read an essay.

People prefer shorter posts because they’re quick to read and easy to digest. No one likes feeling like they’re committed to reading a long post.

If your posts are too long, people will either keep scrolling or they’re going to get to the end, and if they’re not satisfied, they will spite your businesses because you wasted their time.

There’s a reason why Facebook limits the length of posts for things like ads; they know what people are actually going to engage with.

People get turned off my bad photos.

Free stock images can be a huge turn-off—especially when online businesses over-use images.

People can tell when you’re opting for poor-quality stock images. Instead, you want to focus on using images that are either entirely unique for your brand, or if you’re going to use stock photos, you should use high-quality images.

We recommend looking into iStock as an option, and they tend to have great options for various niches.

People get turned off by posts without a hook.

The point of a hook may be self-explanatory, but it’s intended to hook the reader in so that they keep reading.

If you don’t hook your readers in immediately, they’ll keep scrolling because they’ll be uninterested in your content. You want to draw them in right away and then lead them through your Facebook copy by continuing to add value.

With no hook, they’re just going to keep scrolling.

People get turned off by grammar and spelling mistakes.

When your content is riddled with errors, people will get annoyed.

A post with grammar errors and typos is going to look unprofessional, and people aren’t going to take you seriously.

You’re also at risk of people commenting on corrections, which can also be embarrassing.

Instead, you want to ensure that you’re always triple checking what you post to ensure it’s error-free.

So, what isn’t going to turn someone off?

When creating Facebook copy, you want to use a hook, a call to action, and you want to keep it short and sweet.

Always proofread your work to ensure it’s error-free and avoid using bad photos.

Following these rules will help you create Facebook copy that is more engaging and avoids turning your target market away.

Work with us.

If you’re interested in receiving Facebook content for your business straight to your inbox, we can help! We specialize in writing content that doesn’t turn people off.

We’ve worked with countless businesses, and we know what works. We understand that customers want content that is quick to process and easy to read.

Learn more about our Facebook copy service by visiting our website.


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