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How to steal traffic from your competitors using blog writing?

Running a business is competitive.

There will always be people pining after the attention of your target market, and it’s your role to attract your market’s attention first and draw them in. Blog writing lets you target your ideal client and catch their attention before your competitors. With an intentional strategy, you can even use blog writing to steal traffic from your competitors.

Here are ways to steal traffic from your competitors using blog writing.

Know who your competitors are.

Before you can steal their traffic, you need to know who your competition is.

You may think you know your competition because you know of other people in the industry offering similar products or services, but your competition may be someone else.

Your competition is anyone who ranks higher than you on Google.

Knowing who these people are will help you better understand who you’re competing against and how you can use blog writing to steal their traffic.

Analyze your competitor’s websites and use their keywords in your blog writing.

Alright, that may sound very technical for some of you, but it can be straightforward.

By understanding your competitors’ analytics, you can create a blog writing strategy that targets the same keywords as them. When you know how they’re drawing people to their site, you can use similar techniques so that when people find their site, they also find yours.

When you use the same keywords as them or keywords that will direct people to their site, you can draw people to your site by having blogs that are more interesting and appealing to your niche.

Understand what your competitors’ blog writing strategy is.

By knowing how your competitors are using blog writing to draw in traffic, you can learn how to create a better strategy.

If they’re only posting once a month, try writing a blog weekly. If they’re only producing content about their services, try creating more educational content.

Look at what they’re offering their clients to determine how you can better serve the holes their clients are going to be experiencing.

Actually write blogs.

If you want to use blog writing to steal traffic from your competitors, you need to actually create blogs.

Now, this may seem too easy, but we see people want to write blogs all too often but don’t dedicate the time and energy to creating content.

If you want people to read your blogs and visit your website, you need to be producing engaging content that they want to read.

Learn more.

If you love the idea of using blog writing to draw people to your site but don’t feel like you have the capacity or knowledge of how to start, we can help! It can be challenging to run a business,

We can create stellar blogs that drive people away from your competitors and onto your site by creating optimized content that appeals to your niche.

Let us help by writing your content. 

Learn more about our service here.


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