Lose the sticky notes and get yourself a CRM.

As you start to grow your business, you may find it more challenging to keep track of your clients details and sales activity.

I recommend a company called Pipedrive to my clients, and it is the most accessible CRM to use.

So what is a CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management and refers to the technology and processes that an organisation uses to manage its contacts and relationships, both external and internal, such as:

  • Email subscribers
  • Sales leads
  • Sales opportunities
  • Customers
  • Advocates
  • Employee progress

The practice of customer relationship management includes guidelines for how direct interactions occur and how they are to be followed up.

The CRM tool will better organise and track your current client’s progress and enable you to add any relevant information to maintain a disciplined corporate memory.

A CRM tool is perfect for assisting you in documenting all prospects, nurture leads, close deals and retain customers, build stronger relationships, increase sales, create more personalised customer service and, overall, make processes more efficient.

I use Pipedrive to get control of my sales process and save loads of time on administration tasks. 

It’s a sales management tool built on actions that close deals.

Anyone can have a two-week trial, but you get a whole month for free with my invite link. No credit card is required.

Try it here:


All the best,

George Barbas

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