Five Basic Skills That Managers Must Develop.

1, Understanding Leadership

Many Managers do not consider themselves leaders. They usually struggle to grasp that it’s not about them working faster; they must enable others to work faster.

2, Influencing Skills

Many Managers are too direct and overt in the way they communicate. They lack the understanding of how to get people on board and can demotivate their teams.

3, Time Management

Managers are usually the first that they don’t have time. When you dig a little, you realise that they don’t delegate and try to control everything.

4, Vision

Some managers are unable to think big or ahead of time. They tend to focus on the short-term, which impacts their ability to generate team enthusiasm.

5, Emotional Intelligence

Some managers struggle to show vulnerability and connect emotionally with their teams. Their approach may be harsh or see it as soft or, at worst, not see it necessary to do so.

I teach all my clients the importance of leadership and team motivation. Culture is everything, and I’ve seen it all.

Want to send your Managers on a course?

Check out the McMillan RTO website that I built for them, and you’ll find many leadership courses. 

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