Micromanagers have very little chance of growing a large business.

Great people leaders have teams that seek to work with them, and they can leverage the talent to grow.

Great people leaders naturally pay respect to others, are selfless and show natural care for staff. 

Great leaders act as they must and not as they feel. Their temperament stays the same during good and challenging times.

Consistent leadership enables staff to feel comfortable and know what to expect.

A delegator is a good description of someone who empowers and trusts.

A control freak or micromanager is a negative term that has you thinking mistrust, control and dominance.

I have found that a micromanager will cap their business growth.

They’re only good enough to control small teams as they want to see everyone and control everyone.

Micro Managers, in my opinion, make terrible leaders, lack staff loyalty, and generally try to retain staff through fear management.

How do organisations get it so wrong?

How do these people get into people leadership roles?

You don’t have to be on TV to be a leader?

You have to stay positive, empower, support, trust and have staff work for you.

Not difficult, is it!

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