Five essential features of a Waterproofing Specialist

As waterproofing failures in strata continue to make headlines, it’s clear that poor quality waterproofing has long-lasting repercussions.

With decades of experience, Danrae Group prides itself on permanent waterproofing solutions. We deliver end to end leak detection, solution design, waterproofing, remediation and preventative maintenance, we oversee full project management, and we guarantee our quality.

When looking to contract a waterproofing specialist, there are some features you need to look for, including professional licencing, breadth of experience – and a workmanship guarantee.

Licenced, registered and guaranteed.

In NSW, all waterproofers should be licenced, registered and insured. The Department of Fair Trading issues licences for contractors, supervisors and companies for one, three or five years, and a licenced waterproofer can only conduct the type of work described on their certificate.

Additionally, as per recent legislative changes, anyone who provides building work must also be a Registered Building Practitioner under a new government scheme to improve standards across the industry.

All waterproofing companies and contractors should be insured, which is in addition to the property insurance you need to cover waterproofing damage in the event of major storms or other unforeseen events.

While manufacturers do provide product warranties, it’s also imperative that your waterproofing company provides a workmanship guarantee. Without that it will be hard to recoup costs from premature membrane failure or other common issues related to poor quality installation.

The breadth of experience.

An experienced waterproofing company or contractor will have the knowledge to do more than a standard installation. A waterproofing specialist should be able to diagnose the root cause of your issue, and make tailored recommendations for anything from a simple leak fix to drainage, sloping or water runoff solutions to remedy ongoing issues.

At Danrae Group, we’re experienced across basement waterproofing, roof waterproofing and all types of waterproofing techniques. We also have the experience to recognise and remedy early stage problems including concrete spalling, and to provide tailored solution design that targets the precise cause.

With experience spanning the strata, construction, civil, commercial and government sectors, we have the flexibility to provide best-fit solutions for every industry.

Comprehensive capability.

With comprehensive capability, a waterproofing company can look after every stage of waterproofing including diagnostic, testing, full remedial building and ongoing preventative maintenance.

We also take hold of full project management including council permits, crane hire, stakeholder correspondence, site induction, full dismantle and remedial building where required and both internal and external membrane testing before final handover.

With full-suite capability, we can help every customer with every waterproofing requirement, to maintain quality – and ensure you need only deal with a single point of contact.

In-house expertise.

Waterproofing companies will sometimes outsource to waterproofing contractors, which can make it more difficult to monitor project quality and compliance.

We have an extensive in-house team that includes specialist waterproofers alongside tilers, builders and other trade specialists. Our waterproofers are also trained and certified to work with every brand and style of membrane, including the highly technical torch-on.

By keeping things in-house, we know we have a team on hand for every job, which has the expertise and commitment for a first-class customer solution.

Product warranty and guaranteed workmanship.

For a permanent waterproofing solution, membrane quality matters – which is why it’s essential to choose a waterproofer that uses premium brands.

Brands such as Sika, Soprema, Ardex and Fosroc provide product warranties, generally for at least ten years. As a trusted SOPREMA Platinum Roofing Contractor, we also have access to the Mammoth Platinum Material and Workmanship Warranty, which is amongst the most comprehensive roofing warranties in the industry. With the added advantage of not being pro-rated, it provides complete peace of mind to building owners.

If you preserve the quality of your membrane with one of our preventative maintenance plans, you will ensure your warranty remains valid, and the manufacturer may even extend it.

Equally important is a workmanship guarantee, and not every company has one. At Danrae, we provide a full workmanship guarantee with every project – so you can be reassured of quality.

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