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Sample Of Danrae's Projects

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This building has been leaking for 10 years.

The roof of this building was like a patchwork quilt and was repaired by so many tradies before Danrae. A bit here, a bit there, the roof was constantly leaking for ten years. That is until Danrae got to it and replaced the old membrane, addressed the asbestos, fixed concrete cancer and cracks, etc. Now it's 100% waterproofed and repaired correctly.

The School Principal gave us an 'A' for our quality of work.

Redlands is a Preschool to Year 12 co-educational school situated in Cremorne on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. The Principal wanted assurance that our team would repair the roof quickly and do it with minimal disruption to students. Great news is that our team met the expectation and scored an 'A+' on our report card!

IKEA Tempe was a huge repair. Over 27,000 Sq Metres.

Question. "So how big is your roof"? Answer. "Oh, it's only 27,000 square metres". The IKEA store in Tempe was a breeze for us, and we loved this job. We addressed all the repairs and laid down a completely new membrane system that transformed the rooftop. Great news, shoppers, you can go into Tempe IKEA and not worry about roof leaks!

No surprise that the team loved working at Bunnings.

Our team loved working at Bunnings Charmhaven. Who doesn't love going to Bunnings anyway, so we had no shortage of volunteers wanting to work on this project? The great news is that we repaired and addressed the leaks, so there are no more leaks for Charmhaven.

Can you please help, the ward is leaking and need it fixed?

Lucky for Campbelltown Hospital, we quickly assessed this 2,000 square metre roof and found where the water leaks were coming from. Our team cleared, repaired and completely waterproofed the area and saved the patients from further frustration.

Can we please maximise the rooftop for the hotel guests?

So the request was loud and clear. We removed the old 250MM thick concrete that was cracked and leaking and transformed the rooftop into a relaxed destination for the hotel guests. No water leaks, new look and completely waterproofed for guests.

Lucky the team at Randwick Light Rail called us up.

The Danrae team installed over 1000m2 of waterproofing membrane before the concrete could be poured. The Sydney light rail substation was a classic example of doing it once and doing it right. Can you imagine pouring concrete without the right membrane protection? It be like pouring water straight into a sandpit.

Quick, the MRI Theatre at St. Vincent's has a leak.

Lucky for St.Vincent's, our Danrae team was able to stop the water leaking onto the highly expensive equipment. The team quickly grabbed our crane, cleared the rooftop, had to move the air-conditioning units, replaced the entire membrane and yes, we even put the roof pebbles back and swept after ourselves.

Please don't feed our team as they won't want to leave.

The Danrae team was called up to help the very frustrated 35 residents in this beautiful apartment complex in Bondi. They got water views alright and we fixed it for them. We completely repaired the roof area and ensured that the building remained watertight and 100% waterproof. Another day in the office!

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