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Selling on Instagram is easier when you follow this 3-step process.

Selling on Instagram can feel like an intimidating task, especially when it feels like you’re just shouting into the void of the internet. But, it can be easy when you know what you’re doing.

We’ve developed a 3-step process to help you confidently create content for your Instagram account.

Step 1: Develop content pillars.

Content pillars are topics or categories that you use in your business; you then create content under each pillar. For example, your content pillars could be: behind the scenes, educational, sales, and entertaining.

You’ll then take your pillars (we recommend 3-5) and gather ideas under each one. Each week focus on posting a post from each pillar.

Using content pillars will help you strategize what type of content you’re putting out and help you constantly avoid only making sales posts.

People don’t like to feel like they’re always being sold to. When in doubt, the following content pillars are a safe bet: educational, entertaining, and sales.

Step 2: Always use a hook.

Once you know your content pillars, you can start selling on Instagram by creating content.

We recommend always using a hook.

People are constantly scrolling on social media, so you need to draw them in.

Create scroll-stopping content by using a hook.

Ask a question. Say a fun fact. Use ALL CAPS.

You’re competing for your target market’s attention against hundreds of accounts. Every post should have a hook that draws people in.

You want to invite people to continue reading.

Step 3: Use a call to action.

A call to action is vital for selling on Instagram because it’s going to actually get people to act.

Calls to action can be simple, like “Visit the link in our bio for more information.” But they can also be more fun, like “Leave an emoji in the comments to describe how your week is going.”

The most important thing about a call to action is that it’s easy to do and that people can actually act on it.

You don’t want to add a call to action that will cause someone trouble. Instead, you want to keep it simple and engaging.

The easier the call to action, the better.

Call to actions are also helpful because it can boost the exposure that your post is getting. When people interact with your post, the Instagram algorithm is more likely to push out your content—just another reason you want to keep your call to action actionable.

Learn more.

We want to make selling on Instagram easier for you, which is exactly why we provide Instagram copywriting.

We use your content pillars to create engaging captions for your target market. With a solid call to action and an engaging hook, we know how to write content people enjoy reading.

Learn more about our Instagram caption writing service here.


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