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SEO - The ultimate 3-point plan to improving your ranking.

If you’re ready to improve your website’s ranking, you’re in the right place.

We are experts when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), and we want to teach you what we’ve learned through our experience with optimising websites and helping people rank higher on Google.

Here is our ultimate 3-point plan to improve your ranking.

Step one in improving your ranking

Hire someone to audit your website, or learn how to audit it yourself.

Here’s a little tough love, if you’re not an SEO expert, then you’re probably going to struggle with knowing where your website needs to be improved. In saying that, we have full confidence that you could learn all about SEO and then do an audit on your own site, but we think this may take more time than it’s worth.

We recommend hiring someone (like us) to do an audit on your site.

This is going to be the easiest and most efficient way to determine where you need to improve your site and how you’re going to do that. A thorough audit of your site is going to be the guide that helps you understand how to take actions to improve your ranking.

Step two in improving your ranking

Actually, do the things that the audit brought up.

Too often, we see people receive professional feedback, and then they do nothing with it.

After you’ve received your audit, it’s time to take action and complete the tasks that the audit highlighted for you.

For some people, this is going to look like adding keywords and alt tags, for some, it’s going to look like creating a faster site by eliminating unnecessary information. For others, it’s going to mean producing blogs to drive more traffic to your site.

Whatever it is, the audit is going to guide you on what you need to do to rank higher, and then you’re going to have to actually do those things.

This may seem like a simple step, but it will look different for everyone.

Some people are going to have a lot more work to do.

Step three in improving your ranking

Stay up to date with your website.

It will be best if you continue producing content, checking in on your links, and ensuring everything is running smoothly.

If you want to continue improving your ranking, it will be helpful to maintain your site.

You don’t want issues to go unnoticed for too long because you may be at risk of dropping in the search results and then having to work your way back up again.

Learn more

We want to help your website rank higher. Our team of SEO experts will quickly assess how to get your website ranking higher, and you can expect positive results in under 6 weeks.

We will audit your website, help you improve, and set you up for success in the future. If you feel unsure of where to go next when it comes to SEO, let us help. Visit this link to learn more.


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