Tips on how to impress a Tender Assessor?

As a previous Tender Assessor, my role was first to confirm that each organisation can fulfil the obligation of the tender, but there is more to it that.

Please find some insight into what they will be looking at when assessing your tender response.

They will be assessing the following;

  • Who has previously appointed you, trusted you and awarded your business;
  • Your level of sustainability;
  • Your brand perception within the marketplace;
  • Your brand worth and the potential value that it could generate the Tenderer;
  • The story of differentiation that you could assist the Tenderer in achieving;
  • Any improvements/benefits that you can evidence for previous clients;
  • The level of experience, stability and success of your organisation;
  • Financial strength or achieving results;
  • Your past ability to think outside the box and drive innovation;
  • The ability to successfully implement on time, every time;
  • The length of loyalty past clients have shown;
  • The ability to influence the market in any way; and

Please also provide any statistics, case studies and reporting?

So please ensure that your response can clearly outline the above.

Written Testimonials will also assist the quality of your response.

Using client testimonials is an easy and often overlooked way of providing the Assessor with an unbiased business opinion on the extent, value and quality of your product/service offerings.

Testimonials can be in the form of a letter, an email, or a facsimile. They should include complete details of the person providing the testimonial—including their company name and position within the company.

Please feel free to call anytime if you need any assistance. 

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