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This is a one-stop guide on how to write killer blog posts.

There must be only one reason you’re here; you want to learn how to write blog posts.

Not only that, you want to know how to write killer blog posts.

Well, you’re in the right place. We know a thing or two about blog posts, and this guide will help you confidently write blog posts that will drive traffic to your site and engage your target market.

Step one: Choose a topic.

You can’t write a blog post without a topic.

Whether you want to write a how-to guide, share about an experience you had, or share about a service or product, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re choosing a topic that appeals to your market and is something you’re confident about writing about.

Step two: Do your research.

If you want to write blog posts that make an impact, you need research to back up what you’re saying.

The research will help you confidently share information, and it will also help you build your blog by including links (don’t forget you can also link to things on your own site)!

When you’re researching, remember to choose sites that are trusting and to ensure that you’re always citing your sources.

Step three: Start writing.

When writing your blog, we recommend using short paragraphs that are easy to process for your reader. Shorter paragraphs will keep your readers attention, help carry your reader along, and can be more mobile-friendly.

People tend to prefer shorter blocks of text.

Another thing to keep in mind when writing is to use headings.

Headings help people quickly process information, jump between sections, and understand what they’re learning about at any given moment.

In this blog, you can quickly understand what you’re going to learn by only reading the headings.

When writing your blog, consider your audience and what they would be interested in reading. Decide on a tone you’d like to use throughout the blog, and stick with that. Your audience may like a casual tone or prefer a more professional tone—that’s up to you to decide.

Your blog can be any length you want, and about any topic you want. Just be sure to write blog posts that relate to your niche.

Step four: Proofread.

Please don’t write a blog and click publish before giving it another read.

Better yet, ask someone else to read your blog to offer feedback and point out any errors. Some proofreading websites will also help you confirm your work is error-free.

Step five: Publish your blog!

Now that you’ve written and researched your blog, it’s ready to go live. Hit the publish button and pat yourself on the back!

Congratulations, you now know how to write a blog post, a killer blog post.


If you’ve gotten this far in the blog, we hope you feel confident about how to write a blog. In saying that, just because you now know how to write a killer blog doesn’t mean you necessarily want to.

We get it, writing blogs can be time-consuming, and some people just don’t like writing.

This is where we come in! We can write your blogs (and other content) for you! Learn more about our copywriting service by visiting this link.


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