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Try this LinkedIn content to grow your LinkedIn connections today.

Gaining a presence on LinkedIn can help establish you as a leader in your niche, convert leads to clients, and give you credibility among your competitors.

If you find it challenging to know what to post to grow your LinkedIn connections, these suggestions will help you get the ball rolling.

Professional suggestions to grow your LinkedIn connections.

LinkedIn is known as a professional social media platform, so it only makes sense to share about your professional experiences on the platform.

Here are ten topics you could write about:
1. Your first job
2. A lesson you learned at work
3. How you have grown in your role
4. A professional accomplishment you’re proud of
5. A lesson a co-worker has taught you
6. Why you love your job
7. Why you pivoted in your career
8. A hard lesson you wish you hadn’t learned
9. Why you love your industry
10. What people aspiring to be in your industry should know

Creating content around those ten topics will help you generate ideas on what to post to establish you as an industry expert and help you grow your LinkedIn connections.

Personal suggestions to grow your LinkedIn connections.

Just because LinkedIn is a professional social platform doesn’t mean that people are uninterested in your personal life.

When you share about your personal experiences, you’re able to build rapport with people who are then more likely to want to connect with you.

Here are ten topics you could write about:
1. What hobbies bring you joy
2. What books you’ve been reading
3. A place you’ve recently visited
4. A lesson you’ve learned from someone you care about
5. What quotes inspire you
6. What celebrity figures do you aspire to be like
7. What you’re proud of
8. How you’ve been spending your free time
9. What your personal goals are
10. How you’re proud of people in your life

People want to feel connected to the people they connect with on LinkedIn.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to get too personal.

Just share about things that are interesting in your life.

Entertaining suggestions to grow your LinkedIn connection.

You can grow your LinkedIn connection by sharing entertaining content.

People don’t only like to learn from your professional and personal experience; they also want to smile.

Here are three suggestions of entertaining content you can share:
1. Any memes or images that made you chuckle
2. A funny story of something that happened to you
3. A funny video that you found joy in watching

When sharing entertaining content, just be sure to remember that you are on a professional social media platform.

Entertaining content should be entertaining for everyone.

Learn more.

If you’re interested in growing your LinkedIn account but find it challenging to create content constantly, we can help!

Putting content on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to gain more traction on your profile. We understand how generating ideas, creating content, and even publishing the content can be time-consuming, which is exactly why we create engaging LinkedIn content for our clients.

Learn more about how we can help you by clicking here.


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