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Want to create a viral blog? Follow the Ultimate proven method.

Are you ready to go viral?

Do you feel like you keep creating content, but no one is actually seeing it?

We want to help you create viral blogs that get you seen, direct traffic to your website, and converts leads to clients.

Step 1: Choose a topic for your viral blog.

Before you write a blog, you need to choose a topic that will draw people in. Don’t just write about what you think your niche wants; write about what you know they want.

What are other people writing about? What are people Googling? What are you an expert in? What value can you offer your client? How can you draw someone in?

By understanding who your market is, you can create content they will want to read.

When choosing your topic, consider looking into keywords that are low competition but are being searched (more on this later). Knowing what popular keywords relate to your niche can help narrow your topics.

Step 2: Confirm your keyword(s) for your viral blog.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is vital for creating a viral blog.

You need to use targeted keywords that people are searching to create content that is going to get seen. By developing a keyword strategy, you can intentionally interweave your specific keyword(s) throughout your blog.

This will help the search engine find your blog and push it out to your market.

Step 3: Write your blog.

As you write your blog, interweave your keywords and ensure that you stay on the topic you chose.

Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes by proofreading your blog, and ensure that the content you’re putting out is impactful, educational, entertaining, and/or all of the above.

Step 4: Choose a headline for your viral blog.

This is crucial to help you go viral.

By using a headline site, you can create a title that is going to assist in your SEO and draw people into your blog. Use your chosen keywords and double-check that your title will rank well.

Step 5: Publish your blog.

Publish your blog to your website.

Step 6: Cross-promote your blog.

If you want your blog to go viral, you need to share it.

People may not find your blog if you’re not directing traffic to it. Post it on all your socials, include it in your e-newsletter, tell your dentist about it, and let people know your blog exists.

Your keywords and strategy are going to help draw people in, but telling people exactly where to find your blog is going to help too!

Learn more.

Now that you know all the steps, you may understand how to do it, but you may feel like you don’t want to do it.

We get it. Running a business is a lot of work! If you’re looking to offload some of your work, we’d be delighted to help. We use this strategy to create viral blogs. Though we can’t guarantee that every blog will be a viral blog, we can ensure that we’re going to write original content that is targeted to your niche, optimised, and helps you get seen.

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