At some point, you will need to document your business.

As your business grows, it begins to make sense to establish an induction program for staff, document your business and set quality assurance standards.

Quality Assurance demonstrates your organisation’s commitment and definition of quality.

Quality may differ in meaning to many people, so it’s best to outline what quality means to everyone.

Think about McDonald’s.

They have the best standards in the world.

So how do you define quality today?

Do you have a quality manual?

Are staff aware of what quality is?

Can they find processes and procedures anywhere?

How do you hire people and induct them into your business?

Small business operators who document their business can scale quickly and leapfrog their competitors. 

Documenting your business will enable you to develop and maximise wages and assist you in empowering people quickly. 

Yes, it may be tiring, but how else will you grow?

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