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Three Common Mistakes With Instagram.

Stop making these three Instagram mistakes and expecting results.

Instagram can be disheartening.

It is upsetting when you create content that you’re excited about, but then nobody interacts with it. 

We recommend you stop making these three Instagram mistakes and start creating content that reaches your target market and engages people.

Instagram Mistake 1: Posting then ghosting.

There are two aspects of posting and ghosting.

The first mistake is when someone creates a post and then doesn’t post for a long time. The issue with this style of posting and ghosting is that your followers won’t see your content, they’ll forget about you, and you’ll fall out of the algorithm.

Instead, you want to be intentional to regularly post on your account so that your content is seen.

The other time posting and ghosting is an Instagram mistake is when you share an image or video and don’t respond to comments. You want to respond to comments that come in, especially comments that come in the right after you post. This will help you gain more exposure because the algorithm will notice that your post is getting traction.

Instagram Mistake 2: Your captions are too long.

No one is going to sit and read your novel of a caption.

You should create scroll-stopping content that people can quickly process and understand.

When you post a lengthy caption, you’re going to lose people’s interest, and they will not interact or pay attention.

Using a hook and following up with a line or two will help you create more engaging content. Your hook will draw them in, and your lines will add more context.

Instagram Mistake 3: Not including a call to action.

It would help if you had a call-to-action in your captions.

Give people a reason to engage and remember that they are scrolling through hundreds of images a week, so what’s going to make your post stand out. 

It could be a special offer or simply the use of colour and tagline. 

People don’t always take action, so we need to get them to act!

Sometimes people are hesitant to add a call-to-action because they don’t want to be too “sales-y,” but you can combat this by encouraging people to engage.  

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