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Are you thinking of applying for a Government contact?

I have a client who just wanted to win a Government contract.

His passion for succeeding outweighed the reality of success.

Winning a Government Contract isn’t easy, and you need to comply and impress the Tender panel. 

I’ve been a Tender Assessor for many Corporate organisations, and hopefully, the below helps you.

First tip.

Match your response to what they want.

No more and no less.

Putting together a proposal can be expensive and a complete waste of money unless you have what it takes to get shortlisted.

Let me walk you through a few of my tips on tender planning. 

Stage 1: Know what tenders are about to list.

  • Research which tenders are about to be released.
  • Contact the entity at least three months before the Tender is released and introduce yourself, so they know who you are and hopefully get invited to participate.
  • Please do your research on who is the incumbent and determine their performance and your differentiation?
  • Ring the potential Tenderer and again be proactive and ask when the Tender is going to be released.
  • On the release of the Tender, send them a quick email confirming that you will be responding. 
  • Make sure your website and social media is impressive and aligned to what the Tenderer would expect to see.

Stage 2: Should you apply?

Be honest and ask yourself the below;

  • Can you supply the Insurances?
  • Can you provide all of the requested documentation?
  • Can you provide any references and case studies?
  • Can you answer all of the tender questions?
  • Overall, do you have the capability to deliver?
  • Is the proposed scope of works/contract commercially viable for you?
  • Is there any conflict of interest?
  • Can you clearly outline your point of difference?
  • Are the financial returns feasible for you?

Stage 3: Planning the tender Response

Please respond based on their instructions to you. 

Do not be creative.

Read the question and answer it with the required amount of words.

If the Tender does not provide a response framework, you can go ahead and use your structure.

Stage 4: Writing your Response

It would help if you made it an easy read.

You want the Assessor to rate you well.

Each section will be rated, and there maybe 2 to 3 Assessors reading separate areas of your response.

Use space to your advantage, add images if you can, bold, essential sections. You can imagine how 30 or 40 tender responses all start to blend into one, so please MAKE it EASIER for the Tender Assessor.

Presentation is everything. 

Make sure that you highlight the ten key areas;

1. Capability

2. Experience

3. Value Added service

4. Benefits to Tenderer

5. Systems

6. Competitor Differentiation

7. Quality Assurance

8. Pricing 

9. Innovation

10. Why You?

Stage 5: Quality check your tender response before submission.

Before you submit, make sure you can tick off the below;

Make sure you have answered and complied with all the questions.

  • Make sure your format is correct—the framework, font, font size
  • Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  • Make sure that the Tender sections are all referenced correctly.

Make sure that all the information:

  • It is technically accurate and relevant
  • Is consistent
  • Provides appropriate solutions
  • Provides cost-saving benefits
  • Provides Tenderer value for money
  • Provides Tenderer peace of mind with minimal risk
  • Provides a clear implementation plan giving the Tenderer comfort that you have a disciplined approach to delivery
  • Supplies a list of all insurances
  • Includes your licensing numbers
  • Most importantly, make sure you include your pricing as they want it.

STAGE 6 – Assembly and finalisation of tender Response

Before you submit, make sure you understand what they seek;

1. Number of copies.

2. What needs to be marked as “Original” and opposed as “Copies”.

3. What delivery method?

4. Is a hard copy required or just a soft copy or both?

5. Does the Tenderer require a bound copy?

Government contracts may be financially rewarding but select a small tender that you can try to win if you are new to tender writing.

Please feel free to call me and ask me any questions you like and hope this helps you.


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